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Xaitoglou - Xartel A.B.E.E.
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The products produced by HAITOGLOU-HARTEL SA are:

Cartons for general use

Corrugated cardboard sheets

Classic RSC cartons American style in various flutes , single wave to double wave ( C' B' E' flutes) cartons using molds (Die cutted boxes)

    Trays for fruits and vegetables:

  • Trays for beverages, food, pastries, meat, chickens etc
  • Display boxes for sale on the shelves or for sale at promotion points
  • All kind of FEFCO code boxes
  • Special hospital waste cartons
  • Cartons with easy - open sesame tape for reinforcment and tearing.
  • Sheets for covering or separating pallets

    Carton ancillaries:

  • Two-ply sheets (2-ply) of corrugated cardboard in an unprecedented variety of qualities and compositions from simply recycled to the special - speciality papers - with resistance to grease, water etc.
  • Bottle and jars dividers, pads, etc.
  • Single face corrugated reels for special use.