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The grades of paper we use for the production of cardboard boxes starting at 100g. and reach 200g. with the following intermediate variations: 105gr. 112gr. 127gr. 140gr. 150g. 165gr. 175gr. 186gr. 200g.

The combination of these papers gives finally single face,single wall, double wall board.

    The flute profiles that are used :

  • E-flute mikrowelle - small wave
  • B-flute - medium wave
  • C-flute - big Wave
  • CB-flute – Double Wall
  • BE-flute – micro double wall
  • CE-flute - (Double Wall special application)

The quality of the carton is defined by the combination of papers, based on the stacking strength. With the combination of papers and the correct measurement in the our well equipped quality control laboratory, we find out the strength needed for each box , we take into consideration the actual conditions and make the right predictions in order to be able the packaging to respond under adverse conditions.

    Some of the measurements made to arrive at the correct quality are:

  • BCT- box compression test
  • ETC- edge crush test
  • RTC- ring crush test
  • FTC- flat crush test
  • Bursting strength
  • Cobb test