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Xaitoglou - Xartel A.B.E.E.
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    Our commitment today and in the future is stable for:

  • Modern competitive product
  • Precise identification of requirements and customer needs and their satisfaction
  • Production and delivery of innovative and safe products that meet the expectations of our customers
  • Reducing orders delivery time
  • Maximization of job satisfaction of human resources
  • Maintaining the competitive advantages and create new and innovative design products
  • Configuration consciousness of workers about the impact of our actions on the environment
  • Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the integrated management system, which complies with the ISO standards
  • Systematic increase of employees' qualifications
  • Examination of the level of customer satisfaction

In achieving these goals all strategic decisions are being made.

The company's management believes that the completeness of the equipment together with the adherence to the principles of quality and customer service, allow it to be very optimistic to achieve much higher goals.

For 2016 HAITOGLOU-HARTEL SA aims at maintaining and improving its market share, and growth of its exports, leveraging its technological supremacy which enables it to produce a wide range of products at competitive costs. The radius of exports for the carton industry can not be too large, due to the significant burden of transport costs. However, there are export destinations are competing to serve and offer new markets in Greek carton industry.