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The paper industry is directly related to the technology. Our company recognizes this and so then develops and invests in latest technology equipment.

In both production units are used well-equipped machines, so that the result is very satisfactory qualitatively and quantitatively. In Kalochori and Sindos units operate two modern corrugators to 2,5m of Italy’s Agnati .

There is a large fleet of 19 manufacturing machines to produce any kind of conventional form boxes (Rotary Die Cut & Flat Bed Die Cut), cells, component sheets, single face reels and sheets for lamination , etc.

Among the converting machines is included the Göpfert Rotary Die Cutter, the best which exists in our country , with unique cutting quality and printing in fruit trays, beverage trays, wrap around boxes etc. Also included the flat bed die cutter Bobst machine with 5 + 1 colors and fine printing along with the unique for Greece flat cutting accuracy (eg fully cleaned trays for yogurt )

The boxes can be printed and carry excellent prints, which is consistent with the increasing need for visibility and brand image of companies. For this reason we operate the printin plates production department withDu Pomt machinery and materials, the global leader in the field of flexo printing. During the printing process, we ensure the accuracy of all colors with two special ink mixers, with the possibility of four-color printing.

Raw materials and production of all machines are controlled by two well-equipped quality laboratories, operating under temperature and humidity conditions for the production of comparable and reliable results. The equipment was purchased from Lorentzen-Wettre of Sweden, which is the world best in machinery for such measurements checks and Technolab Italia. The tests of these laboratories are related to raw materials, semi-finished product and final products.

There are two automated packaging lines for for strapping and wrapping with stretch film (for customers who wish to) pallets before being loaded and stored.

HAITOGLOU-HARTEL SA offers 6 private trucks for direct and flexible customer service. Except these, works exclusively with carriers 24 hours a day at its disposal for the in-time delivery of boxes to their destination.