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From birth ... to HARTEL

The first patent for the production of corrugated material belongs to the American Albert L.Jones that on December 19 1871, which among other things said: "I acknowledge that me Albert L.Jones from New York have discovered a new and improved corrugated packaging paper in order to smooth packaging for jars and bottles with a single layer of packaging material ... "

This was the beginning of the development of a huge global industry for corrugated board which currently produces about 70 million. tons annually. Only in Europe there are active in this sector over 500 companies and have about 800 production units.

The box is the most widespread form of packaging worldwide. The main features are high strength and reasonable cost. The waveform of special papers creates the excellent carton strength properties. The packaging needs of our times and of the future, can be completely covered with the use of corrugated cardboard and carton. In recent years major changes in distribution networks and points of sale in retail, created a growing need for the use of cardboard boxes and selling or placing packaging on the shelves. New technologies applied to manufacturing and printing machinery, and new raw materials improved properties, have opened the way and now the corrugated cardboard constitutes not only a way for transport packaging, but also display sales package.

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HAITOGLOU-HARTEL SA company was founded in 1979 to produce boxes and accessories (soles and cell).

With the passage of time the clientele is constantly expanding and the company in order to meet the needs arising completes the installation of a new production unit, while installing new machinery for the production of cardboard boxes and other products from corrugated cardboard.

In the period from 1994 to 1995, with more frequent investments in equipment and building infrastructure, the degree of vertical integration of the production increased and the company acquires autonomy in production raw material.

In 1996 changed the legal form of the company and from "N Sons. HAITOGLOU -HARTEL LTD " is converted into an anonymous industrial and commercial company called " HAITOGLOU-HARTEL SA ".

Due to the continuous development of the company together with the increased demands, led to the investment of a new production unit in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki in Sindos.

HAITOGLOU -HARTEL SA is one of the fastest-developing companies of Northern Greece. It is one of the companies of HAITOGLOU group, which operates in the food and packaging. In the last decade the company developed rapidly and the evolution of turnover is characteristic of the development.