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HAITOGLOU-HARTEL is certified by ISO 14001: 2004.

The protection of the environment in HAITOGLOU CHARTEL SA is not a symptomatic taking of individual measures, but an integrated system that operates at every level of the company and based on the philosophy, technology, product, production process and compliance with Greek legislation.

Important raw materials such as papers, are used with program to maximize the beneficial use and not wasted unnecessarily.

Where possible, the raw materials from products and waste production materials are recycled or reused or recovered for alternative use.

During the production, recycled materials are used and every effort is made to avoid the use of toxic or hazardous substances.

Products are made in such a way as to have a minimal effect on the environment during and after their use.

For waste materials that can not be recycled, they are sorted and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

    The above environmental policy implemented by the HAITOGLOU-HARTEL SA through environmental protection programs related to:

  • use gas for heating water and workplaces, in order to help reduce air pollutants and energy saving
  • recycling paper, plastic, metals and oils
  • using recycled paper
  • the treatment of waste water, so as not to incur the surface waters

Finally HAITOGLOU-HARTEL SA invests in continuous training and motivating all personnel to obtain environmental awareness and responsibility in the operation of the company ,according to the above commitments to protect the environment.

HAITOGLOU-CHARTEL announces that environmental performance is available to anyone wishing but not published.